At WEX Advertising we have direct connection with DU and Etisalat and a database of mobile numbers which is updated monthly in and outside UAE.


  • All the reports are in real time.

  • The web portal comes within built features such as Customized SMS and Advanced Reports.

  • We can provide direct connections to both Etisalat and Du , that will allow you to send Bulk SMS Campaigns to your own Database and also provides you access to various reports.


 SMS Broadcast :


  • We can support you with SMS Broadcasting to external database that can be profiled based on demographics characteristics such as Nationality, Location, Age, Gender and Income.

  • We can arrange for more than 7 Million Data that can be profiled based on these mentioned criteria as per your requirements.

  • Once we have the target audience details from your end, we filter the database.


Pricing :


Please note that every 500,000 SMS taken, we shall be offering 10,000 SMS free.


We can register Sender Names FOC for you, provided that there is a volume commitment and usage.




  • Database is free of charge

  • No expiry date for SMS

  • Online access to system so you can send SMS by your own

  • SMS contains 70 characters in Arabic or 160 characters in Latin/English

  • SMS can only be sent with sender IDs that start with the prefix 'AD-', followed by the name of the sender ID

  • Use our Free categorized and targeted database by: 

         Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi etc.

         Italian, Russian, Iranian, Philippines, etc.


         Starting from 17 till 65

         Social classes starting from the Level B, B+,A-VIP  (Classes depends on the income, bill phones, shoppers…)

WhatsApp: 050-939-8208